No More Close Calls.

It's time to make the intersection of
Don Mills Road and Kern Road safer for both
pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

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Recently, accidents and close calls have occurred at this intersection. This follows a long history of accidents at Don Mills and Kern, both pedestrian and vehicular. While any occurrence of an accident is cause for concern, the frequency with which accidents are occurring at this intersection is unacceptable. This issue has been raised by numerous organizations and businesses in the area, in the past, but, unfortunately, no changes to the intersection have been made.

Nobody should have to worry about their own safety or that of others because of something as simple as a lack of a traffic light near their workplace or school.

The City of Toronto has not yet acted to address the serious nature of accidents at this intersection and this leaves us wondering if it will take the loss of life to spur the City to take action.

The City has released results of a 2016 request to review the traffic control signals at the intersection. The review noted specific thresholds for delays due to traffic and minimum vehicular volume need to be satisfied to justify installation of traffic control signals.

According to the City, the thresholds were not met.

However, the review didn't take into account the following factors: 


the number of near miss incidents that happen at this intersection, both to pedestrians and vehicles.


the fact that many vehicles making left turns from Kern on to Don Mills often have no choice but to complete the turn in two phases, first by advancing into the centre lane, and then completing the turn when an opening in traffic finally presents itself.


that it is common for vehicles waiting to make a left turn at this intersection to essentially give up and turn right instead, and then turn around at a different intersection further south.


the danger from fast-moving vehicles to pedestrians who often have a very difficult time crossing Don Mills Road when attempting to embark or disembark from the northbound and southbound TTC bus stops at this intersection.

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Take a moment to contact the Toronto City Councillor for the area Denzil Minnan-Wong and other city officials to tell them that it is time for the City to act. You can also spread the word through Facebook and Twitter.